Friday, November 7, 2014

Visiting Clinic Sites

Shamiro Shanu, new mossy foot patient at the Boditi Clinic. Please pray for Shamiro as it is painful for him to walk. The treatment process will take some time but with the help of Mossy Foot Project Shamiro will be back on his feet and will be able to work, as now it is impossible. 
Ah! the beauty of seeing the green hills, valley’s, and surroundings of Walaita. Mount Damot seems to rise above the others as a sure indicator of North (that is, if you are in Sodo). At sunrise, the clouds are blown away by gushes of wind and the higher altitude landscapes are revealed. The sun warms up the air which was chilled during the night and the wind ceases.

Yesterday, Sharon (President of MFP), Mara (Volunteer), Daniel (IT Specialist), Feleke (Wound Care Specialist), Mathewos (Field Director), Chernet (Driver) and I went to Boditi to visit a clinic site. Mara had raised funds for the purchase of medical treatment supplies. As Mossy Foot Project is low on funding they are making cutbacks on expenses and this is effecting the treatment of the patients. God has touched the heart of Mara to round up her friends and family in order to purchase medical supplies for the time being. Thank you Mara! The patients at the clinic where so thankful and happy because they have had to wait, but now they are able to continue treatment and have hope!

Please prayerfully consider giving to the Mossy Foot Project. The recent low funding has caused a visible effect on the ability to help patients. Your gift will allow the team to make custom made shoes for those who have inflamed feet and need the larger size shoes. There were at least three patients at the Boditi clinic who were not wearing shoes because there were none available, due to financial cutbacks. Your small or grand donation can make a difference in a person’s life! Please join us in the mission of eradicating mossy foot disease! To donate, click here.

God is good. I cannot stop saying this, because He is. Oh, if you could only be here to see the joy on someone’s face when they receive a gift for which they had been praying for! Shoes for the barefoot, treatment for the sick, love for the outcast. A person with mossy foot disease is shunned. Their lives become lonely and in the midst of people that surround them, no one will sit beside them. The local staff have such a heart for these people! Their love is evident in their careful touch, kind words, and respectful gestures towards their patients. I thank God that He has put on their hearts to serve. This project could not be accomplished without them.

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity of being here by supporting me financially! Thank you for praying for me and the team here! There is much work to be done and I am looking forward to the three weeks ahead of us. Please pray especially for Sharon as she has many difficult tasks to accomplish. Her heart breaks for the people and the current limited funding has put a weight on her shoulders as well as the rest of the team. Please pray for wisdom. Our trust is in the Lord. We will continue to do our part and trust the rest in to the hands of our King.

Bye for now!