Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Hello from Sodo! I was telling someone here that if the internet worked as fast as it does in the US things would get done in no time. I am on the third floor of the hotel, the only floor with Wi-Fi, celebrating a 70% file download. You would be excited too! Yesterday it was at 43%! The electricity is off a lot of the times and the internet connection is interrupted about every 5 to 10 minutes. A nice breeze is coming from the window as I watch the people walking the streets, riding their motorbikes, or taking a Bajaj. I’m sipping on a nice net-ayale-macchiato. Behind the buildings and store fronts that line the street the sun is setting, outlining the lush green trees and country side of the Wolaitta area.
Work has been going well. One of the big projects that I’ll be working on is writing an instruction manual for using the accounting software specific for MFI. Please pray that all of the projects can be completed in time, God willing. Pray for our team, for wisdom and for health, so far so good. Thank you! Amesegenalo!
For those of you who are book worms like me. I am reading Answers To Prayer by George Muller. George Muller was inspired by the following Bible verse to prove the power of prayer to those who doubted God. With God’s help and many, many answered prayers Muller opened an orphan home. With his heart for orphaned children George wrote an account of the answered prayers.
Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it. Psalm 81:10
Here are a few photos... Bye for now!
The donation suitcase with rain jackets went through customs with minor delays. With a few words in Ahmaric and the provision of God I didn't have to pay the local tax (the tax is usually paid if I were to sell the rain coats). For those who donated funds and purchased rain coats to fill the donation suitcase, Thank you!! These will be given to the widows.

Alex has mossy foot disease and is being treated at the MFI clinic. Next to him is Lucas, the local health worker. It was difficult to communicate because of the language barrier. Once we where past the "how are you?" and "how is your family?" they thought me how to count in Ahmaric up to 80! Do not test me later :). There were quite a few chuckles as I tried to pronounce each number correctly.

After proudly sharing of the success of his children, Desta shows his feet to Sharon. He is full of words of encouragement for us.

On Sunday we walked to the country side to attend the local church in the Ottona area. Behind me is the local river Laundromat and car wash.

Attending Danie'ls church, Bolsa Anka, in the Ottono area. The church was celebrating Mothers Day.